Pelosi Finds Herself In Yet Another ‘Sticky’ Situation

It seems the Democrat hypocrisy will never end. Once again, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat and Speaker of the House, found herself in a sticky situation after some not-so-savory pictures of her leaked on Sunday. The Democrat from California was caught schmoozing with deep-pocket Democrat donors. But guess what seemed to be missing from the scene? Not a mask in sight. Oh, the irony.

In addition to the maskless schmooz-fest, it didn’t take long for criticism to mount over the fancy meeting, especially while American citizens fear for their lives while sitting trapped in Afghanistan. But that doesn’t seem to affect Democrat appetites. Chuck Schumer, Democrat and Senate Majority Leaders, was also seen dancing the night away over the weekend. It certainly seems like the Democrats aren’t losing any sleep over the people they pretend to care about.

And while Biden and his cronies charge over $2,000 to rescue American Citizens from the Crisis in Kabul, tickets for the Democrat Emporium started at a mere $100, but could go up to as much as a whopping $29,000 per chair. This money raised will apparently go to ‘vulnerable’ Democrats, that, of course at no fault of their own, (eye roll) are at risk of losing their seats during the midterm elections in 2022.

A video of the event, which was located in Napa Valley, shows absolutely zero social distancing practices and zero mask-wearing. Oh, except for the wait staff of course.

What’s more is that Napa County’s COVID cases are up 71% this week since the previous week alone. The entire County is on high alert as the CDC labeled it a ‘high transmission area.’ While masks aren’t required in outdoor settings, which is where this was held, the CDC does recommend that in a crowded setting, people still wear a mask, especially in areas where there’s a high number of cases.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Pelosi was caught with her pants… er… mask down. Controversy surrounded the House speaker last year, when she was caught on video going without a mask at her salon. She’s also been seen twice without her mask at the Capitol, despite declaring that anyone who didn’t wear one would be arrested. Is this all for show? It’s certainly starting to look like it. But we’re on to you Pelosi, and so is the rest of America.

Author: Beverly Sanchez