Pelosi Family Gets Rich Off Nancy’s Green Energy Demands

The Democrats who’re willing to send our troops to fight the existential battle for worldwide “democracy” are the same people who routinely and systematically destroy our so-called democratic system at home.

Take Nancy Pelosi, a lifelong politician whose salary is paid completely by the taxpayer, who has enriched herself and her family by using government insider secrets to inform stock purchases. This simple yet effective level of corruption is hardly spoken about as it’s become ubiquitous amongst federal employees on Capitol Hill.

Simultaneous with Nancy getting rich on perfectly executed stock investments, establishment media propagandists develop “news” stories that create villains out of world leaders to distract from the corruption in our backyard.

It’s all a perfectly executed plan that most Americans weren’t privy to … until now.

Amid Democrats pushing for higher levels of green energy spending, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bought 2,500 shares of Tesla stock, according to recent congressional filings.

He paid $500 a share, or $2.18 million at the time of purchase. Shares rose to $872 each by the end of that day. Since executing the trade, shares of the electric vehicle and clean energy company surged about 19%, reaching $1,036 at one point, nearly doubling Pelosi’s profit.

The husband of Nancy Pelosi is no dummy. He runs a venture capital firm in San Francisco and knows a good financial decision when he sees one. His wife simply sweetens the deal.

Nancy Pelosi was under fire recently when she defended the practice of congresspeople and their spouses getting rich on stock trades. In December 2021, she said that lawmakers “should be able to participate” in stock trading after a scathing report revealed how many lawmakers (and their staffers) invest in the market.

Months later Pelosi reversed her stance on lawmaker stock trades after immense backlash from far-left progressive Democrats and a majority of the American public. Pelosi said she would not block a ban while still defending the practice.

Paul Pelosi’s large purchase of Tesla stock comes as Democrats revive their demand for more energy spending. Democrats are urging Biden to allocate $555 billion to climate action, as included in Joe Biden’s failed Build Back Better plan. If allowed to proceed, this would be the largest federal investment in green energy spending in U.S. history.

Their green energy demands are happening in tandem with Biden’s systematic approach to destroying America’s oil and gas energy as well. This would eventually fatten Pelosi’s pockets as the American public will soon be forced to buy electric vehicles to offset gas prices.

Are you finally paying attention yet?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth