Pelosi Desperately Tries To Pass Blame For Latest Crisis

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued to push the blame for the southern border crisis onto former President Trump recently.

She complains that President Biden is the inheritor of a “broken system” left over from the previous administration. Pelosi went on to praise Biden for his efforts to correct the “humanitarian challenge” by sending FEMA to help manage the influx of migrants.

The Department of Homeland Security is being assisted by FEMA to “help receive, shelter and transport [children].” The increased need for personnel is due to a sharp influx of migrants since the moment Biden was sworn in to office. February 2021 was the highest number of migrant crossings recorded since 2006.

Pelosi went on to blame another favorite villain for the crisis, “climate change.” She says that droughts in Central America have spurred migrants into moving north to the United States border.

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), said that the Biden administration is “entirely” to blame for the border crisis, and warned that the situation is very dangerous for migrant children. He said that migrants seeking to get into the United States start by sending their children “across Mexico, where [they] may be kidnapped and trafficked.”

The White House has so far refused to acknowledge the situation at the southern border as a crisis.

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