Pelosi Can Apparently Speak To The Dead – Says She Knows What Founding Fathers Want

Everyone in America cringes when Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth, and things like this next story are exactly why. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and high-ranking Democrat, tried to convince everyone that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson would be devastated at the departure we’ve had from democracy in America. Um… you mean the ones the Democrats have caused? She said this during the news conference that was held to discuss the Coting Rights Campaign this past Monday.

Pelosi made a reference to Martin Luther Kind during her speech, where she said that he was just 36 years old when he left this Earth, and that at such a young age he was able to establish himself as a monument on a wall with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. She said all of the founding fathers and Martin Luther Kind would have tears swelling in their eyes if they could see how we’ve departed from democracy, and especially if this legislation for voting rights is not passed or acknowledged.

First off, Mrs. Pelosi, MLK was actually 39 when he left this earth, not 36. Something his family, who was in attendance of the speech in support of the new agenda, probably knew, but didn’t correct.

The event had us numerous speeches that asked Senate member to do away with the filibuster so that the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advacement Act as well as the Freedom to Vote Act can be passed into law.

If these bills are passed, they would nationalize law pertaining to elections by giving authority to the Justice Department to go up against voting laws in individuals states and label them as discriminatory. It would also expand the ability for early voting and provide provision on absentee ballots. Additionally, it would stop ballot harvesting bans.

The bills lack Republican Support, which is why Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are calling for filibuster abolition, to help pass the laws. They’ve run into roadblocks in their own party though, as some Democrats are opposing the filibuster elimination. It looks like even other Democrats aren’t going to let their power go unchecked.

Author: Zack Williams