Peak Trump: Read His Easter Message To “Racist” Attorney General

Donald Trump certainly did not disappoint this Easter.

In celebration of the Christian holiday, the Former President released multiple statements to his Save America PAC. The statements ranged in tone from general good wishes to brutal attacks against his enemies, namely New York Attorney General Letitia James and the entire Democrat Party.

He began nice enough, sending out a pleasant Easter message to his supporters, before laying into James and the Democrat Party.

Then the tone of Trump’s statements veered away from general niceties.

James has made it her personal mission to pry into the Trump family business dealings hoping to catch the Former President or one of his children in a crime. So far her investigation into the Trump Organization has amounted to exactly zero, but James has vowed not to relent until someone in Trump’s orbit is behind bars.

By in large, it’s a political attack against Trump — an argument used by his legal team.

“Happy Easter to failed gubernatorial candidate and racist Attorney General Letitia James,” Trump began.

James, a Democrat, filed a motion to hold Trump in civil contempt of court earlier this month, claiming he failed to turn over key documents for her inquiry.

 “No one is above the law,” the Attorney General tweeted, a phrase that has become her signature when dealing with the Trump Organization.

James’s office began an investigation into the Trump Organization in 2019 after former lawyer Michael Cohen testified before Congress that the company manipulated its asset valuations for tax and business benefits, and her team has been cooperating with a criminal investigation being run by the Manhattan district attorney.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and criticized the investigations as politically motivated. He said James’s investigation is “just a continuation of the political Witch Hunt that has gone on against me by the Radical Left Democrats for years” in a statement last year.

In another Easter message to “Radical Left Maniacs,” Donald Trump relied on his signature tone using one-liner insults and nicknames combined with polite pleasantries to achieve a hilarious piece of written work.

You just gotta love him!

Author: Vasily Ivanov