Peace On The Horizon In Eastern Europe — Leaders To Discuss Ceasefire TODAY

The rapid succession of historical events in today’s day in age, when technology develops faster than we can consume it, when historic events are framed in four hour news cycles, when wars last days not years, has become increasingly difficult to wrap one’s head around.

What is really happening in Ukraine and why is it happening? The establishment propaganda machines on all sides of the conflict are unwilling to tell us but, at this point, the writing on the wall was done with perfect penmanship.

Every decent person can agree invading Ukraine was wrong on Russia’s part; not one citizen should be subjected to military violence or displacement from their homes. However, while the entire western world applauds Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and heralds him as a savior, much has gone on behind the scenes deep within both Ukraine and Russia’s governments.

Let’s face it: This is a proxy war started by the Obama administration when he, along with Joe Biden, used funding from globalist billionaires such as George Soros in 2014 to overthrow a democratically elected administration in Ukraine. Corruption has subsumed the country since; this is merely the logical next step in a secret war started two administrations ago.

There is hope, however, as leaders from both Russia and Ukraine are set to hold peace talks in Belarus on Thursday.

“As far as I know, the Ukrainian delegation has already departed from Kyiv, is en route … We’re expecting them tomorrow,” Vladimir Medinsky, the head of the Russian delegation, told reporters Wednesday evening.

The meeting will mark the second time leaders from the two sides have met following the sudden conflict that has led to a reported 2,000 Ukrainian deaths and more than 800,000 people fleeing the nation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the military effort following months of troop buildup along the border, with more than 100,000 soldiers near its border with Ukraine. Despite the sizeable advantage, Russia’s military has encountered strong resistance from Ukraine’s military and citizens, with nations worldwide coming to the nation’s support.

“The spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry says 498 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine and 1,597 more sustained wounds,” according to the AP’s report.

According to the Ukrainians, over 6,000 Russian soldiers have perished.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has served as hero of the world in the eyes of western liberals (both on the right and left) for his fortitude, which is admirable. Unsurprisingly the pro-abortion leftist Zelensky has earned respect from western leftists as he attempts to take down big, bad right-wing Putin. However, what liberals are so desperate to ignore is the overwhelming far-far-right, Nazi, anti-Semitic overtones surrounding Ukraine’s military and in their countryside.

A video posted to twitter showed Ukraine soldiers greasing up bullets with pig fat in anticipation of shooting down Russia’s Chechen soldiers who happen to be Muslim. The video gained zero traction at it would be wholly against the liberal “Ukraine is a democracy and Zelensky is a hero” narrative.

Zelensky continues to appeal to western emotion from his bunker somewhere in Ukraine.

Leaders from the two sides met in Belarus on Monday for approximately five hours. No decisions were announced, with Putin continuing airstrikes as the meeting occurred.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s minister of foreign affairs, released a video showing the missile strike upon Freedom Square.

Everyone around the world is praying for peace. This is ultimately a battle which should never have been fought.

Author: Richard Bogart