Patriotic Parents Pull Out Of Public Schools In Droves

A new report demonstrates the failure of the leftist agenda’s injection into the public school system, with Indiana public schools hemorrhaging students for the 2021-2022 school year to alternative private schools and homeschooling.

Chalkboard Review reports that there is an “exodus” of students leaving public schools throughout the state. The report discovered that over 90% of private schools in the state experienced moderate growth with over 50% of the private schools seeing significant growth. 49 private schools were found to have over a 150% increase in enrollment over the previous school year.

The report adds that between the years 2000 and 2015, smaller Christian and private schools that work with 500 or fewer students typically have an enrollment fluctuation of 10 students each year, but lately, their popularity has exploded, leading to waitlists as they hit maximum capacity.

The unpopularity of public schooling represents a nationwide trend, as reported by Education Week, over 1.3 million students left the public schooling rosters during the 2020-2021 year.

Chalkboard Review says that the mass exodus from public schools can be explained by three factors where public schools get it wrong: lack of academic rigor, Critical Race Theory, and mask mandates. When interviewing parents, Chalkboard Review found that “educational mediocrity” was one of the most common reasons for parents removing their children from public school.

The second major concern is the mask mandates and accompanying issue of vaccines. For Indiana, the state is not requiring masks across all schools, though many districts encourage students over 12 to get their vaccine.

Thirdly, parents are gravely concerned about the leftist indoctrination program of Critical Race Theory as well as other progressive teaching material that involves “sexually explicit content” being taught to underage students.

School boards in Indiana, just as others across the country, have shown little interest in listening to parents about controversial subjects such as CRT ideology and online learning. In one example, a teacher from Knightstown Intermediate School was slammed as “nuts” by the school superintendent just for suggesting that students could return to classrooms for learning.

The American Federation for Children’s National Director of Research, Corey DeAngelis said that the public school system’s issues stem from their “one-size-fits-all mandates” and added that families are sick and tired of dealing with “bureaucrats” who are over-controlling of their children’s lives and motivated to save their children from “the clutches of… teachers’ unions.”

Author: Brendan Jones