Patriot Makes Stunning Move To “Uncancel” Dr. Seuss

A Virginia GOP candidate and business owner put his money where his mouth is yesterday. In protest of the progressives ban on supposedly “racist” works of Dr. Seuss, Pete Snyder purchased the offending books in bulk and handed them out to children.

The Loudoun County Public School district of Virginia announced that Read Across America Day would no longer recognize Dr. Seuss’s birthday on the same date, March 2nd.

The publishing company which produces Dr. Seuss books also announced that it will stop selling several of the authors works because of how the books “portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong.”

Snyder condemned the actions of the school with a mocking tweet “Oh the places they’ll go to deny the science,[and] appease radicals”

The Snyder campaign’s top priority is to re-open schools. He made several comments about the state of the Virginia school system, pointing at how teachers unions are “wasting time and resources” on getting rid of Dr. Seuss instead of trying to open schools and perform their jobs.

Snyder called on Virginia Governor Northam to open the schools immediately instead of waiting until the planned July 1 date.

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