Pathetic: Kamala Forced To Hire Actors To Pretend They Like Her

Vice President Kamala Harris started a YouTube Originals space series, the first issue of which features child actors who had to audition for their roles.

A 13 year old from Carmel, California, Trevor Bernardino, was amongst five teenagers to feature in the video and was tasked with submitting a monologue about something he felt passionate about as well as three questions for world leaders. Trevor then went in for an interview with the series’ production director.

The first episode of Vice President Kamala Harris’s new YouTube Originals space series featured child actors who were carefully hand-selected through an audition process for their roles in the project.

Trevor explained that a week after his submission, he got a call from his agent telling him that the job was booked.

Bernardino was accompanied by Derrick Brooks II, also a child actor, and Emily Kim, also, a child actor, there was Zhoriel Tapo, a child actor, and Sydney Schmooke, need I say?

Bernardino’s father Carlo explained that all children appearing in the video were child actors, handpicked based on their submissions. Trevor’s submission involved a monologue about the environment, and it was enough to get him the part.

Carlo explained that the job was pitched to them as a pilot episode, and expressed hopes that the series continues.

YouTube Originals announced the new show last week, ‘Get Curious with Vice President Harris’ is a child oriented production meant to gin up interest in space amongst youth.

Detractors of the show were quick to poke fun at Harris’s performance on social media.

Emily Tamkin of the New Statesman said that the show could highlight not just “the vast expanses of the… universe,” but also “border/immigration” and “voting rights” since the show is centered around Harris’s assignments.

One clip of the show which gathered almost a million views already features a segment where Harris tells the children that they will see the craters of the moon with their own eyes literally. The caption accompanying the video alludes to tripping on drugs.

Most telling about the series though, is that the producers disabled comments on the video before publication, an obvious clue that they knew what a controversial figure Harris represents. They failed to disable the like / dislike feature however, and the video has received far more dislikes so far.

Since entering office, Harris has attracted scrutiny and criticism for her cringeworthy appearances in front of reporters and audiences. Her public persona is so bad that the office of the vice president hired two messaging experts to help her with her communication skills. No wonder she had to screen the teenagers for her YouTube show so carefully. Just imagine her reaction if an independently minded teenager were placed in front of her.

Author: Toby Patterson