Pastor Valiantly Rescues Easter Congregation From Armed Party-Crashers

A video of a Calgary pastor has gone viral in recent days. On Easter Sunday, Canadian police entered a church to ensure that they were following COVID-19 guidelines, but they were met with an unexpected surprise.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, the leader of Calgary’s Street Church of Alberta, Canada, was holding a Saturday service when officers entered the building without a warrant.

Pawlowski filmed his encounter with the police, addressing the officials at the entrance stairwell just outside of the sanctuary.

He demanded that they leave the property “immediately,” telling them not to return until they obtained a warrant.

As the officers tucked tail and exited the building, Pawlowski shouted insults at the police officers, telling them that “Nazis are not welcome here,” and calling them “Gestapo.”

Social media users praised Pawlowski for standing up to the officers, as governments around the world have imposed on religious services with lockdowns.

Rebel News founder Ezra Levant retweeted the footage, praising Pawlowski’s actions and citing the criminal code that the officers broke by entering the premises without a warrant.

Author: Tom Harris

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