OUT OF TOUCH: This Is How Liberal Media Expects You To Deal With Biden’s Inflation

It’s no secret that a growing number of Americans have had about enough of the propaganda published on an unrelenting daily basis by the leading liberal outlets. To use a left-wing buzzword, the entire American public is being “gaslit” by journalists and media execs who tell us to simply deal with Biden’s disastrous economic policies. Any complaint is a signal that you’re an evil right-wing, white supremacist Trump supporter — so you better just shut your mouth.

Fortunately for us but unfortunately for them, most Americans refuse to accept their premises any longer.

No. This is no okay. Simple.

We don’t want to live in our pods and eat the bugs and own nothing. The American people want to flourish; we want to start families, develop careers, and build meaningful lives without the constant hand of propaganda smacking us in the face.

Bloomberg News is the latest publication to show just how out of touch liberal media conglomerates are in their unrelenting pro-Biden, pro-globalist messaging and how it relates to the average American citizen.

Over the weekend, the far-left “business news” outlet published an op-ed piece titled “Inflation Stings Most If You Earn Less Than $300K. Here’s How to Deal.” It was written by professor of economics at the New School, an extremely far-left university in New York City.

In the piece, the professor proceeds to give the self-evident claim that Americans who earn less than $300K will feel the harrowing effects of historic inflation, especially if you find yourself making around $50K or less, the median average income in the U.S.

Seems simple enough.

However, she then gives suggestions as to how low-earning people can offset the invisible tax of wicked-high inflation. This is where the professor got into hot water, showing just how removed these people are from ordinary life amongst ordinary people.

Ghilarducci’s suggestions included:

  • taking public transportation instead of driving;
  • buying and eating meat substitutes like lentils and vegetables;
  • avoiding buying items in bulk;
  • avoiding unnecessary charges; and
  • avoiding medical expenses for pets

So in other words, her advice is to get in the pod, eat the bugs, and let your pets perish.

The internet rightfully exploded after Bloomberg published the op-ed. Twitter users from both the left and right couldn’t believe what they were reading.

A White House reporter from CBS News had this to say:

Conservative pundit and author Michael Knowles weighed in:

Ideologically speaking, the response to the Bloomberg piece span the entire spectrum.

Meanwhile, consumer inflation surged to another historic high in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index. The inflation rate rose to 7.9% annually, the fastest increase since January 1982. The Producer Price Index showed a 10% increase in wholesale price inflation in February, which was also the largest annual increase on record.

Eat the lentils!

Author: Elizabeth Tierney