Official Report May Turn Lab-Leak-Theory Into Lab-Leak-Fact

Republicans from the House Foreign Affairs Committee recently released their report about COVID-19’s origins. The report points to evidence supporting the lab leak theory, as well as genetic modification and proof of a cover-up effort. The aggregate information is a strong case for the theory that the virus was a product of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and released in fall of 2019.

The report concludes that a “preponderance of evidence” supports the the lab leak theory, and further states that the virus was probably “collected in a cave… between 2012 and 2015,” and then “genetically manipulated” at the laboratory.

The report also states that researchers at the Wuhan lab, Chinese Communist Party officials and even “potentially, American citizens,” all “engaged in efforts to obfuscate… the origins of the virus” as well as “suppress public debate” surrounding the subject.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) led the China Task Force in 2020, and issued a report back in September which warned that the Chinese were hiding something, and found serious concerns related to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The House Foreign Affairs latest addendum to that report now puts the spotlight directly on the Wuhan lab.

The latest report contains information which identifies the Wuhan lab “as the source of the outbreak,” and also goes into detail about how researchers from the lab, alongside Peter Daszak from the EcoHealth Alliance went to great lengths to cover up research being performed there.

The report also explains how scientific papers which were authored by researchers working at the Wuhan Lab prove not just that genetic modification was being performed there, but that unsafe biosafety practices were in use and that researchers had been able to modify coronaviruses without leaving a trace of their modification as late as 2016.

McCaul said that in light of this recent evidence, the time has come to “completely dismiss” the popular myth that the virus was the result of a wet market transmission.

He said that we now have proof that gain-of-function research was being performed at Wuhan, and we also now know that it was being performed under “unsafe conditions.” Additionally, McCaul stated, we know that the Chinese Communist Party performed a coverup that involved deleting virus databases in the middle of the night.

Author: Domingo Sparks