NYC Has Its Biggest Protest Yet — But It’s Not BLM Or Antifa

Thousands of first responders and city workers took to the streets in New York City on Monday in protest of the city’s overbearing vaccine mandate.

The marchers included many of New York City’s finest: members of the the police department, fire department, and other emergency services, shouting chants of “F*** de Blasio,” and “Let’s go Brandon.” The protesters also changed “We will not comply” as they moved through the city’s streets and across Brooklyn Bridge. Protesters were seen carrying Gadsden and American flags, along with a mix of signs.

Bill de Blasio, the Democrat mayor of New York City announced the vaccine mandate for city employees last week, issuing a deadline of October 29 for employees to receive their first dose. de Blasio also offered a $500 incentive for participants who got their shot before the deadline.

de Blasio said in a statement that front line workers should serve as “a daily inspiration” by leading the way on vaccines and showing the city “the path out of this pandemic.” He lauded Democrat legislative actions such as the “Key to NYC mandate” which he claims makes NYC a place that “led the way against COVID-19.”

Protesters at the march promised to never comply with the city’s mandate, and they criticized de Blasio for trying to force it. According to the New York Post, twenty protesters got arrested during the march.

Sofia Medina, a firefighter told the Post how she felt betrayed by the city government. She explained that frontline workers had to carry the city through “countless… emergencies, Hurricane Sandy… snowstorms,” and points out that after so much sacrifice, now frontline workers are “under threat… under threat of losing our livelihood” simply because they want control over their own medical decisions. She slammed the city for attempting to “bribe and coerce” emergency responders, and treat them as if they were “a public health threat.” Lastly, Medina stated that de Blasio should stand aside and allow those who are still willing to work to do so.

A police officer in attendance lamented how many good cops were at risk of losing their jobs over the mandate.

The protests come in the wake of a fistful of Republican states offering jobs to first responders who are willing to relocate out of areas with vaccine mandates.

If NYC doesn’t back down, they will be short a large number of first responders.

Author: Pamela Davis