No Vaccine, No Service — This University Takes Mandates To a Whole New Level

Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University is issuing fines and clamping down on access to campus internet for students who fail to get vaccinated, according to the school’s newspaper.

Tom Ellett, the school’s Chief Experience Officer warned 600 students about the penalties on Monday, telling them that they will face monetary fines and a “loss of campus network… Wi-Fi access” should they fail to upload proof of their vaccination status to the university’s online health portal.

Failure to comply will cost students $100 per week for the first two weeks, with the fine increasing by $25 every other week to a cap of $200 per week, Ellett explained.

In total, students could face as much as $2,275 in vaccine fines should they fail to comply with the vaccine mandate, but the university said that they will stop fining students if they receive both of their shots by a Sept. 14 deadline.

In August, the school announced a mask mandate that requires face coverings whenever indoors on campus, including in classrooms, with no distinction for those who are vaccinated.

Even students who think it’s important to get vaccinated pushed back against the financial penalties. Danyella Kaplan, a junior psychology student said that the fines were not the “right answer” and wouldn’t bring any “long-term benefits.” She argued that a special class touting the benefits of vaccines would be “more beneficial” than simply fining students who don’t want a vaccine.

Unvaccinated students attending Quinnipiac will be made to undergo a weekly COVID-19 screening test, with an additional $100 fine placed against students who fail to submit for testing.

Jack Quinn, a junior nursing student said that he expected and would have preferred an unexempted ban on unvaccinated students.

Vaccinated students are encouraged to bring a negative PCR test within 5 days of their return to campus, but unvaccinated students are required to.

Author: Madeline Porter