New Poll Proves Democrats Are Nearing The End

Far-left news organization Washington Post recently revealed a poll that shows the American public’s distaste for new gun control laws. A closer examination of the poll reveals something even more shocking, the most pro-gun demographic is young people.

The report shows that between 2018 and 2021, those aged 18-29 changed their stance on gun control by 20 percent! In 2018, 65% of respondents in that age group supported “red flag” laws and magazine restrictions, just 3 years later, a mere 45% support those same gun-control measures.

The recent report also found that gun control favor dropped by 7 percent overall, with Hispanics being the other group to change sides by a 20 percent margin.

Why would Hispanics and young people change stance on gun-control in such a short timeframe and in such great numbers?

We can probably consider the recent violence and unrest in America’s streets as part of the motivation of these respondents, as they consider their own safety in the face of growing domestic terrorist groups such as BLM and Antifa.

They may also be rebels, bucking the trend of the overbearing progressive media and everything the ‘woke’ movement supports, which includes total gun control.

Also, with the new age of internet media, more people can get the truth through sources other than mainstream leftist news oligarchies. This means that young people can see the gun control scheme for what it truly is, not driven by an agenda of safety, but a necessary step toward total governmental control.

Don’t allow the fake news media to drive you into despair. Keep sharing true news sources that teach the younger generations what America is really made of, because they are listening.

Author: Dianne Perry

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