New Evidence Proves Trump Has 2024 In The Bag

Democrats are trembling in Washington and all around the nation as a new poll landed some shocking news… well, it was at least shocking for the left. The poll discovered that 59% of people that are registered to vote blame the Biden Administration for the increasing and seemingly never-ending rise in inflation.

Politico/Morning consult completed the survey and released it on Wednesday. The survey also found that among all the registered voters, 39% believe the Biden administration is “very” responsible for the inflation nation, and 20% think that Joe Biden is “somewhat” responsible for the crisis. In fact, out of all the people surveyed, only 28% think that Biden isn’t responsible for the rising costs and overall price increases. That’s gotta’ hurt for Joe over there in Washington.

When it comes to Republican voters, things get even worse for Biden. An incredible 82% of conservative voters belive Biden is the culprit for the failing economy, and a resounding 65% said he and his administration are “very” responsible. Even 41% of Democrats think that Biden and his clown car of an administration are to blame for the skyrocketing inflation.

Just this month, the Department of Labor made a staggering announcement that prices for consumers had increased 5.4%, which is the highest since 2008. And we all remember that. The numbers blew right past the predicted expectations of a mere 4.9%.

One thing to blame for the economic disaster that is wreaking havoc in America is Biden’s federal spending. Stimulus checks, unemployment benefits and numerous democrat bills disguised as ‘infrastructure’ or with other hidden agendas, have the country on the fast-track to destruction.

Another huge problem that may be contributing is the massive pressure in supply chain bottlenecks since the pandemic started. The backlogs of goods and scarcities are not holding up to the increases in demand, which causes prices to rise because production can’t keep up.

And things aren’t looking like they’re going to get better anytime soon. Of Republican voters, 61% expect the economy to get much worse in the coming year and years. Only 17% of Democrats feel that way, though.

The future is looking bleak for America’s economy. And it leaves many to wonder, who will save us in this time of drought and famine? The answer is as clear as day. It rings out from the millions of Republicans, no, Americans, across this great nation who hold on to a glimmer of hope that comes in the form of Donald J. trump.

Author: Raymond Williams