Never-Before-Seen Footage Could Change The Outcome Of The Rittenhouse Trial

The fact that there is even a trial going on in the Kyle Rittenhouse case just shows you how depraved this country has become under the rule of Democrats and their morals. But to get their conviction, the prosecutors are going to have to prove two very difficult things: They are going to have to convince jurors that the events that happened are different than those that eye-witnesses saw, and what is seen on video plainly.

Unfortunately, jurors are already feeling quite intimidated. There were multiple people on the jury who said just this week that they believe half of the country will be upset no matter what the outcome of the trial is. Many jurors are even wondering if they will be able to get to their homes safely. This means the trial is already unfair, and should be deemed a mistrial.

The prosecution is going in for the kill though, and doing their best to get a conviction. They’ve already tried to paint a wild version of what happened that night, and it’s nowhere close to what the state was originally filing against Rittenhouse.

The prosecution is trying to say that Mr. Rosenbaum was shot in his back while Rittenhouse chased him down and shot him with his AR-15.

It’s unclear how Binger, the prosecutor, is going to successfully convince this jury that what they are seeing with their own eyes isn’t true. Unfortunately, for the prosecution, there is overwhelming evidence that does not go along with this narrative, and the court will have to address it at some point, and even more importantly, the jurors will all see it.

The state’s complaint says that back in August 2020, during a night of rioting, Joseph Rosenbaum followed Rittenhouse, who was only 17 at the time, across the length of a parking lot. Rosenbaum then continues to approach Rittenhouse, who then used his AR-15 to fire four shots at Rosenbaum.

Richard McGinnis, a witness to the ‘crime,’ says that Rosenbaum was trying to engage Rittenhouse and was doing his best to continually get closer to him.

When this started happening, Rittenhouse started running from Rosenbaum. Other people then started chasing him and Rittenhouse, at least according to the witness, was trying to get away from all these individuals. Rittenhouse had the barrel of his gun pointed downward, but then Rosenbaum, who was 36, was trying to grab it. Then, according to the witness, Rittenhouse raised his weapon and shot Mr. Rosenbaum.

When it comes to the bullet that Rosenbaum had in his back, Binger tried to say that it was one lone shot, but it was not. The bullet hit the man only after Rittenhouse shot his front at least twice, while Rosenbaum was advancing on the 17-year-old Rittenhouse. He then fell forward, where Rittenhouse continued to shoot him, and at which time he was shot in the back.

This is what occurred according to the witness, and what is shown and various recordings on video.

It’s going to take a serious magic trick for Binger to get a conviction on this one.

Author: Vicky Karns