Need Transgender Surgery? Join Biden’s Military

By executive order of President Biden, taxpayers now get to pay for gender changing surgeries for active military and veterans, with some operations costing upward of $200,000.

Slipped into Biden’s January 25 transgender order, is a clause which repeals an Obama-era policy that blocked federal funding for “reassignment” surgeries. The change was followed up with memos from the Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough and the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, specifically outlining that the surgery is an added benefit.

Neither official could say how much the added benefit might cost, but pledged to take a formal analysis.

Information from the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery revealed that the elective surgeries often add up to $100,000-$200,000. While Biden stated that the cost of treating transgendered troops would be minimal, analysis from 2019 revealed that the Pentagon spent $8 million treating 1500 transgendered military members. The cost included hormone treatments as well as surgeries, though it is unclear how the surgeries were allowed at that time.

Biden has elevated transgendered people as a special class, because other recruits are blocked from joining the military if they have an existing medical condition which requires ongoing treatment. It is also predicted that those seeking gender reassignment may join the military to receive the free surgery.

Biden has turned the military apparatus, a proud force to fight threats around the world, into an engine for fighting his own culture war.

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