Navy Seals Pay Biden a Little Visit, And This Time It’s Personal

Of all the people who might pay Biden a visit, he probably wasn’t expecting a group of the toughest men in the world, but here they are. Five former Navy SEALs are trying their chances at a Congress run, and they are already targeting the main issue our country is facing today – Biden.

Ryan Zinke, Morgan Luttrell, Eli Crane, Derrick Van Order and Brady Duke showed up for an interview on Fox this week. The SEALs turned politicians ripped Biden and his administration for the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the fact that he abandoned Americans in the war-torn country.

Zinke, who used to be a Secretary of Interior, said we need investigations by congress to figure out exactly how many Americans and allies Biden left in Afghanistan. The figure could be as high as 14,000 permanent U.S. residents.

Zinke says that Biden created this crisis, deserted American allies, and not only has he not been very helpful at getting U.S. people out of Afghanistan, he and the federal government have often been the obstacles.

Zinke went on to say that he’s being contacted on the daily by people who have family and friends that are trying to get out of Afghanistan. He says we need to figure out the truth about why the Biden administration isn’t helping people get out.

Duke, a former sniper in Afghanistan, slammed Biden for the ridiculous withdrawal and how his leadership has been so careless. He called him everything but a coward for retreating and turning his back to our enemies and abandoning those that trusted us. He said Biden’s actions were deeply un-American.

Luttrell also wants to know why Biden hasn’t done more to help those that are stranded. He says if Biden is so concerned with the lives of Americans that he’s passing vaccine mandates, then he wants to know why it hasn’t been his #1 priority to save the citizens we deserted in Afghanistan. He says some of his closest friends and servicemen have family and friends over there, who are still pleading for help.

On thing’s for sure. Biden needs to watch his back, because he has five angry SEAL’s ready to pounce.

Author: Sam Bee