Navy SEALS Make Biden Pay Big Time In Landmark Court Victory

Biden might be able to do a lot of things, but he can’t win against the Navy SEALS. On Monday, a federal judge barred the Department of Defense from trying to punish a Navy SEALS group who were seeking exemption from the federal vaccine mandates due to religious purposes.

The lawsuit was filed by the firm First Liberty and was brought to the court’s attention by 35 members of the special forces. Reed O’Connor, a U.S. District Court Judge, decided to issue an injunction that was preliminary in nature to block the department from legally enforcing the unconstitutional mandate. The judge also pointed out that the Navy itself hadn’t granted religious exemptions.

O’Connor later wrote about his decision, saying that the SEALS in the case were simply protecting the freedoms they themselves have already sacrificed so dearly to protect. The judge continued to say that the COVID pandemic doesn’t give the government the right to trample on these freedoms. He says that COVID isn’t an exception to America’s First Amendment rights, and that there isn’t an exclusion for the military from the constitution.

The General Counsel from First Liberty, Mike Berry, says their organization is pleased with the outcome of the ruling.

He says that trying to force a member of the service to choose between their country and staying true to their faith is directly against America’s values and the constitution of the United States. He says that the government trying to punish Navy SEALs for asking to receive religious accommodation is punitive and vindictive. And that the organization is very pleased that the judge and court protected the brave servicemen before even more damage could be done to the national security of America.

The SEALs who brought the case to court currently serve at multiple confidential and classified locations. They have over 350 years of service in the military collectively, and they also have over 100 deployments of combat type. When they asked the Navy if they could receive religious accommodations that would not force them to take the vaccine, they were informed that they would likely be forced to face court-martial or involuntary separation if they decided not to receive the vaccine.

Each of their denials based on religion are identical, suggesting that Navy leaders aren’t taking religious exemption requests seriously. They Navy also told the SEALs that they planned to confiscate the SEALs Special Warfare devices, like the ‘Trident” that Navy SEALs wear on uniforms.

Not a great way to thank those that have been protecting us from our enemies. Thanks, Biden.

Author: Libby Butters