Nationwide Rioters Are Back, And They’re Back With a Vengeance

The looters are back, and they will spare no one of their wrath. They are rebels without any legitimate cause, and the nation is suffering for it. In the Bay Area of San Francisco, a looting spree took place for the second night in a row on Saturday, and for the first time – they got all the way to the suburbs of California’s wealthy.

It was a ‘mass looting’ and it started at about 9pm on the evening on Saturday. It began at Nordstrom located in Walnut Creek, which is considered to be an affluent neighborhood and suburb in eastern Oakland.

Dozens or more people were seen heading into the department store to raid it before they made their escape. The method to their madness? To use large vehicle convoys to block the roads and then take whatever they want from the stores and area before they leave.

The CBS in San Francisco reported that dozens of the looters swarmed into Nordstrom in Walnut Creek’s downtown area on Saturday. They then went about terrorizing the shoppers, ransacking shelves and takes as much as they could carry of the merchandise before fleeing the area in a large group of vehicles that were waiting for the looters on the street.

Lt. Ryan Hibbs of Walnut Creek Police Department said they started receiving calls around 9pm that said there were looters. They estimate that there were about 80 people who ran inside the Nordstrom to begin smashing and looting all the shelves.

Hibbs confirmed that officers were able to stop at least one vehicle and make an arrest of two subjects, one was a male and the other a female. The man was then charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit burglary, robbery and the possession of tools for burglary. The woman was then arrested for possessing a firearm illegally.

They also caught a third suspect that was fleeing on foot and arrested him. He also received the charges of robbery, possessing stolen property, the conspiracy to commit a burglary and possessing burglary tools.

One manager of a local eatery, P.F. Chang’s, told LA’s CBS that all the looters were wearing ski masks when they stormed into Nordstrom, and that it was reportedly, “Insane.”

Police also confirmed that one of the Nordstrom employees got pepper sprayed, and two other employess were kicked and punch. All three of the employees received minor injuries and were able to be treated and released at the scene of the crime.

The looters didn’t stop at Nordstrom’s, either, they also ransacked Louis Vuitton and others the previous night, which prompted the police to restrict access to the area by vehicles.

Author: Jill Williams