National Library Takes Stand Against Nazi-Like Censorship

The New York Public Library declared that it will not be removing any of the “controversial” works of Dr. Seuss, following a recent series of events where a Virginia school district banned the books and the publisher decided to stop production.

Instead, the Library will keep the copies in circulation until they have worn out. Angela Montefinise, a library spokeswoman, told the New York Post in an interview that “As with all public libraries [ours] does not censor books.”

Six titles of the popular children’s book series produced by Dr. Seuss were recently pulled from publication after allegations that the books contained “insensitive” and “racist” imagery.

The publisher said that the decision was in keeping with their “commitment” to represent and support “all communities and families.”

Libraries as a whole have pushed back against the leftists censorship agenda. The Denver Public Library made a statement earlier this week that they will also continue to allow access to the books.

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