Murderous Democrats Have Their Day of Reckoning

According to Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan could be facing criminal charges due to her decision to place infected COVID-19 patients inside of nursing homes early on during the pandemic.

Lucido explains that his probe is limited to the nursing home deaths, however, if he uncovers “reckless endangerment of a person’s life” or “willful neglect of office,” criminal charges could be warranted.

Lucido added that HIPAA laws restrict his access to certain patient information, and so has sent appeals to those members in the state who may have lost loved ones who were in nursing homes. The expectation is to acquire information about the deaths that might offer a wrongful-death complaint.

Gretchen Whitmer issued a public statement, rebuking Lucido’s allegations as “shameful political attacks.”

Whitmer’s Office released a statement claiming that the administration “carefully tracked CDC guidance” as it related to nursing homes, and claimed that they “prioritized testing” in nursing homes for both staff and residents.

Whitmer is being sued by Charlie LeDuff, an investigative journalist who has been trying to get answers on the COVID-19 related deaths in nursing homes for months.

Republican state legislators have also demanded probes into Whitmer’s handling of the both nursing homes and long-term care centers during the beginning of the pandemic crisis.

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