Mother Of Woke Doesn’t Understand Why Parents Should Decide ‘What Gets Taught’ In Schools

The mother of Woke curriculum in public schools, 1619 founder Nikole Hannah-Jones, said on Sunday that she doesn’t understand why parents feel the right to determine what their children are taught in school. The message mirrored comments made earlier in the year by the defeated former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia.

Hannah-Jones said that she doesn’t “understand this idea that parents should decide what’s being taught.” She also mocked the idea that parents could have any idea what children should and shouldn’t be taught without a social studies degree.

Hannah-Jones comments follow the words of McAuliffe, who said during a debate in September against the successful Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin that he didn’t believe in the idea of “parents… telling schools what they should teach.”

When Hannah-Jones referenced McAuliffe’s remarks on air during an interview with NBC, she said that the former Governor’s comments are “just the fact.”

Hannah-Jones then went on to slam the notion of homeschooling, suggesting that children in homeschooled environments are “simply conforming [to their parents] worldview.” She added that school should teach children “how to think, not what to think.” Only in Hannah-Jones world, the “how to think” follows the strict dogma of Critical Race Theory, the backbone of her ‘1619 Project’ which she introduced to the world in 2019 through The New York Times, and claims that America is completely founded upon and still neck-deep in racism. Her claim is that America’s true founding should be considered from the perspective of the first slave ships that arrived from Africa.

Despite the fact that multiple experts have demolished her race-based theory of history for being full of fabrication and inaccuracy; the federal government alongside teachers’ unions have pushed the pseudo-historical narrative hard.

In response, multiple states placed a ban on Critical Race Theory material in public schools, rejecting the notion that all colored people are oppressed minorities, and that all white people are oppressors. Hannah-Jones argues that such bans are stifling free speech.

Hannah-Jones claims that allowing such bans to pass places America on the road “towards authoritarianism.” She also said that the Republican CRT ban states are attempting “suppression of the truth” and said that such laws are paving stones towards taking away “women’s reproductive rights” and “rights for LGBTQ people.”

Author: Donald Jackson