Mississippi Republicans Destroy Liberal Sports Agenda Overnight

A bill banning transgender athletes from competing in girls’ and women’s sports was recently passed in Mississippi.

Republican Governor Tate Reeve’s is expected to sign the bill once it reaches his office.

The bill passed the house with a sweeping majority, 81-28 this past Wednesday. The state senate also passed it with sweeping results of 34-9.

The ban is intended to apply to state universities and schools, requiring that “athletes assigned male at birth” would not be allowed to join “female teams.”

Idaho was the first state to pass such a law back in 2020, however it was suspended by a federal district court and is not currently enacted.

Mississippi State Senator Angela Hill praised the bill saying that “If we do not… protect female sports… we will… no longer have female sports.”

The bill was criticized by Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David who said this bill places Mississippi on the “wrong side of history.” He said that “There is simply no justification [for the ban] other than discrimination.”

17 states currently allow transgender athletes to take part in  high school sports without regulation. Mississippi now joins more than 20 states where restrictions have been placed on trans athletes participation on sports teams. 

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