Mike Pence Blindsides Democrats – Drops 2020 Anvil On Them

By Adam Casalino March 8th, 2019 | Image Source: Patriotjournal

The Vice President got off the sidelines – Democrats never saw him coming.

Vice President Pence doesn’t speak up that much. You won’t find sound bites of him popping up all the time.

But when he does, you better believe, he means business.

As when he dropped a bomb on modern Democrats with this statement.

From Red State Watcher:

Vice President Mike Pence while speaking at the Latinos Coalition and Jobs Creator summit said something that all of us are beginning to accept.

The political battle today is a battle between freedom and socialism.

That was the perfect thing to say at a Latino jobs event.

Many Latinos know full well the damage socialism causes to a nation. Those of Cuban and Venezuelan descent have seen how this system ruined two great nations.

Pence is echoing the powerful statement President Trump made at his State of the Union address.

Socialism seeks to rob citizens of their freedom. It sounds good on paper. Socialism promises that wealth is spread out to everyone, managed by the government.

But in reality, socialism is a disaster. It only manages to create massive, overpowered governments that take all the wealth.

Everyone else is robbed of their basic freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, and right to privacy.

When Trump blew the lid off of socialism, he exposed the left. More and more Democrats are revealing their true motives. They call themselves socialists openly.

If they regain power in this country, they’ll push for socialist healthcare, pay, and control. The America we know and love will cease to exist.

It’s going to take Americans rising up in 2020, standing up for freedom, to stop their agenda.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriotjournal: Mike Pence Blindsides Democrats – Drops 2020 Anvil On Them

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