Mike Lee Exposes Democrats For ‘Deal With The Devil’

Senator Mike Lee of Utah warned that Democrats are plotting to undermine fair elections and scheming to hold onto long term power. How? With voting bill H.R.1, new and frightening legislation that he blasted as “written in hell by the Devil himself.”

The proposed “For the People Act,” takes away electoral process and policy away from states and seats it with the Federal government. “Everything about this bill is rotten” Lee said on “Fox & Friends,” “I disagree with every single word.”

The broad legislation would require mail-in voting to be processed by every state, and would block states from enforcing Voter ID laws.

While the official voting age will remain at 18, all votes will be registered with no discrimination for ballots cast by those younger than 18. Felons would also be allowed to cast ballots once their time had been served.

While Lee agrees that everyone who has the right to vote should be allowed to do so, he insists that the principle needs to be enforced at the state level. “You can’t concentrate that much power [in D.C.], bad things are going to happen.”

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