Mexico Exposes Biden In Major Organized Crime Scheme

Mexico’s government is concerned that Joe Biden’s policies are causing a surge in illegal immigration and consequently providing business for the country’s violent drug cartels.

Biden’s policies have already impacted the border situation, with more than 100,000 migrants being detained last month for illegal entry. A new record since 2006.

Mexican intelligence has uncovered that cartels are “diversifying methods of smuggling,” and closely watching for U.S. policy that might “incentivize migration.”

The Mexican cartels immediately reacted “the day Biden took office” by pushing harder to “outfox authorities” and push smuggling operations through faux travel agencies.

Smugglers are also instructing migrants to bring children with them to apply for asylum.

The Washington Post reported that Biden’s border crisis has reached a new scale of severity. “Holding record numbers of… teens and children… longer than legally allowed.”

Mexican President Andres M.L. Obrador said that “[Migrants] see [Biden] as the migrant president” giving optimism to many that they’re going to be able to reach the U.S. But he says that cooperation between the countries is necessary to “regulate the flow,” because the situation is currently so untenable.

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