Media Asks For Abortion Stories, Gets Pro-Life Responses Instead

On Christmas Day, data and analysis website FiveThirtyEight asked the public on Twitter to share their abortion stories, however, many of the responses they received did not support the practice.

The site tweeted the question “Do you have an abortion story?” and asked users to partake in a survey of their experience.

The site’s article explains that almost a quarter of American women opt for an abortive procedure by the time they’re 45, but in the last 10 years access to abortion has drastically declined. It notes how the Supreme Court appears to be leaning toward further restrictions on the practice, and that they want to hear from the abortion-experienced public what they think about all of these changes.

The article adds that they recognize that abortion is a “sensitive topic” and promised to withhold personal information unless express permission is given.

The questions in the survey asked the following:

“Did you have to pay out of pocket for the abortion? If so, how affordable was it for you?”

“How did your decision to have an abortion affect your life?”

“What were some of the most important factors in your decision to get an abortion?”

“About how far along were you in your pregnancy when you had the abortion?”

“Where did you live at the time, and how far from where you lived did you have to go to get the procedure?”

Responses poured in on Twitter, but many of them involved stories from people who either chose life, or had the abortion but regretted it.

One of the most popular responses included a photo of a teenage girl accompanied by a description of how the parents were encouraged to abort her because the doctors believed that the still unborn child had Down Syndrome. They chose life anyway, and as it happens, the girl is completely healthy.

Some respondents shared stories of sexual assault and rape, and added that the woman chose birth over abortion. People with adopted children expressed gratitude to the mother of their child for not choosing abortion.

Another responded said that they knew three women who had chosen abortion, all of whom were talked into it by another, and all of whom say that it’s their life’s greatest regret.

Ben Zeisloft of The Daily Wire had his own response to the Twitter feed:

Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX) also responded to the thread with a Christmas message:

Author: Christina Taylor