McEnany And Psaki Prepare For Public Showdown

Last Tuesday it was announced that Kayleigh McEnany had joined the Fox News team as a contributor.

Her first matter of business? An interview with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who said that she would be “happy” to be interviewed by McEnany, the press secretary of former President Trump.

McEnany was announced as President Trump’s press secretary in April 2020, in place of Stephanie Grisham. McEnany had previously served as Trump’s campaign spokeswoman and contributor at CNN.

McEnany left the White House gracefully, on Jan 20th, she publicly announced support for Psaki and her colleagues. “Sending my prayers as you begin your service to the American people!” She also said that when she med Psaki she found her to be “very kind.”

Psaki in turn, said that she knew McEnany “a little bit, not well” but remembered working together on occasion at CNN. She added that while they “disagree on political issues” they mostly spent their time in the green room talking about “families, our spouses… all sorts of things…”

According to McEnany, their relationship with the press has been very different.

She described her shock at watching Psaki dodge a question about Antifa riots by saying “she hadn’t spoken to the president about that yet,” remarking that the media “let her move on.” And then offered by comparison that if she had been asked about a similar situation “that wouldn’t have been an answer that flew,” expressing that she believes the “standards are different.”

She believes that “Republican women are just treated differently.” Adding that “It’s unfortunate [that] if you are a Republican… you will be attacked.”

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