Manchin Gets a Death Grip Around Biden’s ‘BBB’ Agenda

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from our oh-so-wonderful commander in chief, Joe Biden. It’s been 78 days to be exact since his last press conference, but that record was finally broken today. During his press conference, however, it was Joe Manchin, a top Democrat Senator from West Virginia, who was fighting the good fight on the senate floor in an effort to defend the filibuster from the Democrats and President who would like to destroy it.

Manchin has been under immense pressure not just from the White House, but also from his Democrat colleagues. His vote is crucial in bringing down the filibuster, which would all but destroy the Democracy this country was built upon. Manchin stood his ground on the filibuster, and other parts of Biden’s agenda. His concerns over runaway inflation are just one reason he refuses to pass Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, which boasts a multi-trillion dollar price tag.

Manchin says that his colleagues in the Democrat Party and in Washington are doing their best to change the foundations of our society and leave America vulnerable to the growing threats that we are facing. Manchin says he refuses to add to the United States’ already-staggering debt, which is now sitting above $29 trillion. He says that taxes from inflation are real and we are already seeing the effects they have on hardworking Americans when they pump gasoline, buy food at the grocery stores and try to pay their utility bills – and there’s no end in sight to the Democrat spending.

Manchin says that the people in America deserve more transparency on what it really costs for Biden’s BBB Agenda. The Congressional Budged Office, which is non-partisan, determined that Biden’s BBB would cost more than $4.5 trillion, though Biden and the bill’s supporters claim it’s not half that much. Manchin says they are hiding the cost and intentions they have for this bill.

He’s also opposing Biden’s will to eliminate election integrity and voter ID. Is he the only Democrat willing to stand up for our falling nation? Only time will tell.

Leslie Henderson