Mainstream Media Gushes As Biden Scores Supposed ‘Victory’

In news about the news, CNN’s Don Lemon completely dodged any mention of the embarrassing court testimony that revealed how he personally tipped Jussie Smollett off about the police, failed to mention a New York Times reporter scolding airline travelers like a shrieking mother for wearing their masks incorrectly, and highlighted a Washington Post column that whines about how Biden is getting worse media coverage than Trump.

CNN, hunting for any slim form of Democrat victory, chose to highlight the very slight drop in gas prices over the past week as some form of national-scale hero’s effort by Biden, who brought gas prices down to a still stout $3.35 per gallon.

The ‘Communist News Network’ as some call it, has drummed out multiple propagandistic segments about how Biden has offered “critical relief for household budgets” by raiding the nation’s strategic oil reserves which former President Donald Trump filled during his term.

CNN touted the current cost of gasoline as sitting at a “seven-week low,” though nobody knows how they arrived at this inaccurate figure.

According to the Energy Information Administration, the greatest average price of gas combined for November was $3.49, a mere 14 cents greater than Biden’s supposedly groundbreaking new gas prices.

CNN went on to spin Biden’s naked raiding of the oil reserves as a grand strategy, rather than a own-goal made in an effort to solve a problem that he created.

Still attempting to plead to the public that Biden has somehow done them a service, the news network noted that though prices were “still at high levels,” they have at least “finally stopped going straight up.”

CNN host Don Lemon couldn’t help himself from gushing over the minor decrease during his Tuesday night show, literally singing and clapping as he cheered on the unremarkable figures.

Exactly nobody but faux cheerleading news anchors like Lemon are fooled by Biden’s lousy band-aid fix for energy prices. Gas still remains significantly higher than it did last year under Trump when the average cost of fuel was $2.15.

Author: Miriam Douglas