Mainstream Media Faces An Existential Threat

Mainstream media is under attack.

Not from Republicans or conservatives. Not from Donald Trump. The mainstream media today is threatened by one force, the truth. The truth threatens mainstream media’s continued existence more than anything else.

In recent weeks, numerous revelations and leaks have forced their way through the suffocating censorship of “consensus” narratives, those repeated ad nauseam by mainstream anchors. This proves that the truth cannot be suppressed forever.

A slow acknowledgement and reckoning is unavoidable in light of the facts, from the violent destructive aftermath of last summer’s riots against America’s streets to the true origins of the Wuhan coronavirus, the truth continues to shine past the misinformation and lies of those in ivory towers who act as if they know better than the common people.

A treasure trove of emails belonging to Dr. Anthony Fauci was released just last week, and already there have been dozens of damning discoveries that completely undermine his credibility. The media mouthpieces who were faithful to repeat and amplify all of his rhetoric and aid him in dodging questions about the virus’s origins will soon be realized by the American people as mere propogandists.

As was known by many all along, Fauci was aware that the drug store masks he forced millions to wear didn’t do anything to stop the virus from passing through. He knew early on about the possibility that COVID originated in a lab, and shared articles with his colleagues about how the possibility of gain-of-function research causing such an event. But this didn’t stop him from making a public face that was completely contrary to his own views, as he made rounds for media companies for months, insisting upon the lie that masks would save us and that coronavirus was naturally occurring.

Now that the truth has come out about Fauci, the media is silent. Their bias is obscene, and their silence deafening. Their failure to report Fauci’s true thoughts about the pandemic as revealed through his emails shows that the media are obedient dogs, willing to bend to his version of the facts.

Last Wednesday, the media was caught in a lie once again, as a report from the Interior Department’s Inspector General explained that the narrative about Trump using the police to run a photo op last June, casting agitators out of Lafayette Park for a fistful of photos was a complete lie, a lie which Democrat media junkies loudly repeated for months afterwards.

While such attempts to manipulate the public might get them temporary success, the eventual truth leaves them embarrassed, sending viewers and readers in search of better sources for news.

Author: Arthur Bryant