Mainstream Media Caught Red-Handed In National-Scale Lie

The Washington Post has been caught red-handed in a lie. Their January 9 story about former President Donald Trump’s interference in the Georgia elections included quotes made up from thin air.

The Post claims to have received the fraudulent quotes from an anonymous source that claimed to be familiar with Trump’s December 23 phone conversation. The article in question plays up the former president’s alleged attempt to interfere with the Georgia presidential election count.

The Washington Post corrected their story on Thursday and attached a lengthy editor’s note at the top of the page. They were only forced into doing so, after the Wall Street Journal published the full recording of the phone call last week.

What were the misattributed quotes? Trump called an investigator in Georgia, instructing them to scrutinize the ballots in Fulton County, Ga. insisting that they would find “dishonesty” there. He also told the investigator that they had “the most important important job in the country right now.”

The Post reported that Trump ordered an investigator to “find the fraud,” and that doing so would make them “a national hero.”

Real Clear Investigations writer Mark Hemingway said that the misattribution was “beyond serious,” and pointed out that journals such as The Post “insist they’re the ones holding… the truth.” He warned that what should actually worry people about the mainstream media “is what *doesn’t get exposed.”

CNN commentator Mary Ham suggested The Post’s mistake was consequential enough that it should cost someone their job. In a Twitter thread, she responded to critics who felt that it didn’t matter if Trump were misquoted because he’s a bad man anyway: “YES, IT REALLY MATTERS!” She then went on to criticize The Post for trying to make the correction out of view and downplaying the situation.

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