Mainstream Liberal Media Is On Its Deathbed — Here’s Why

America’s news media has soiled itself, and the public recognizes it. A recent survey shows that only one third of Americans trust the media to report the facts, with conservatives having lower trust than other demographics.

The global survey also found that American trust in media was lower than any other of the 45 countries surveyed by a 15% margin.

In total, respondents who say that they trust the media made up 29%, those who strongly distrust the media represented 22%, and 44% of U.S. citizens said that they don’t trust news media to report the facts.

The report also examined Americans based on their political identity, and found that the only group who believes that they get portrayed fairly in media was Leftists at 51%. Dropping off precipitously, only 33% of centrists believe that they are represented fairly and 20% of conservatives believed the same.

Earlier surveys have revealed that Americans’ trust in news media has been descending to all-time lows, but groups like the Associated Press blame its readers for that, claiming that the problem is that Americans do not broadly “embrace core journalism values.”

The latest survey was conducted by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, which examined 29,000 respondents from across 46 countries. The information confirmed something which conservatives already knew.

The media is strongly bent against conservatives, while President Biden has enjoyed the lowest amount of negative news coverage than any president in history, a mere 5% of news stories about President Trump were positive during his time in office according to the Pew Research Center. Adding insult to the matter, many of those slam-piece stories turned out to be false.

Sharyl Atkisson of “Full Measure with Sharyl Atkisson” keeps track of “the definitive list” of 159 false stories spread by mainstream news as part of her collection called “media mistakes in the Trump era.”

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee recently put it succinctly when he explained that today’s journalists don’t act like referees in a game any longer, rather they put on a “team jersey” every day for “Team Biden… Team Left.”

Huckabee added that a great deal of reporting coming from legacy media outlets seem to be designed to protect Americans from the news. News which would be harmful to the Leftist cause.

Author: Glen McCormick