Liz Cheney Gets The Boot, And a Very Valuable Lesson

Liz Cheney, One of the GOP’s most well-known RINOs and traitors, is soon to be removed from her position in Congress.

Cheney has repeatedly joined forces with Democrats to bash Trump and his friends, even after being rebuked with a censure by the Wyoming GOP.

Cheney has, on multiple occasions, denied Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was stolen and criticized and blamed Trump for the January 6th event at the capitol. Cheney also hilariously claims that Trump is a “threat to democracy.”

What’s more is that Nancy Pelosi is completely starstruck with Cheney for betraying her colleagues, the Republican Party and America as a whole. If they saying that “you are your friends” is true, then Cheney really doesn’t want to be associated with Pelosi.

Republicans have been pushing to oust Cheney for months now, but it looks like things are finally heating up. Everyone has become sicked and tired of her insolence and they want her gone. Republicans are now actively working to have her removed, and Cheney knows her day are numbered.

The Republican party needs to be acting in unison if they want to defeat Democrats in the upcoming elections. There’s just no room for traitors like Cheney in Washington, or anywhere in America.

Author: Jared Stintson

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