Like a Boss: DeSantis Saves The Lives Of Millions By Rebelling Against Biden

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis let everyone know how very concerned he is that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has decided to restrict distribution of antibodies used to treat COVID as states in the south request more and more of the lifesaving treatment.

DeSantis said that just last week Biden had told everyone on September 9th that monoclonal antibody shipments would increase in September by more than 50%, and yet, just a few days later on the 13th of September, they announced they would be taking control of the supply of monoclonal antibodies and control distribution. Then, one day after that on the 14th, they announced that over half of the nation’s supply of monoclonal antibodies would no longer be going to Florida, or would at least be reduces. DeSantis says this reduction is dramatic and very problematic because the people in the Tampa hospital systems are saying that they aren’t getting the antibodies from the state.

DeSantis says what Biden, his administration and the HHS are doing is telling Florida that a reduced amount of the antibodies will be sent to the state, and the state will be responsible for getting it to the various sites in Florida. DeSantis says Florida is happy to distribute the antibodies and take responsibility for this, but that springing it on them last minute isn’t fair. DeSantis went on to say that a disruption in the antibody stream would cause suffering in patients and the hospitals that are taking care of them.

DeSantis also said that he plans to work like a dog to ensure that Florida overcomes the difficulties Biden and the HHS are imposing on Florida, and says the treatment has saved many lives in the state of Florida.

DeSantis also said that he feels Biden pulled the rug out from under him and was surprised, especially since just last week they said they’d be increasing antibody distributions, not reducing them. DeSantis says not to worry though, he’s going to cover all the bases for the people of Florida.

DeSantis spoke with GlaxoSmithKline yesterday and feels confident that Florida will be able to get their antibodies straight from the source, and not have to deal with Biden’s blatant restriction on the Republican State.

Author: Robert Black