Liberals Unleash Plan To Only Treat “Non-White” COVID Patients

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point that our government’s anti-white policies are making their way into the general public, and it’s going to cause a world of harm. New guidance coming out of the FDA claims that some people are considered to be higher risk from COVID simply due to their race, and more disturbingly, that these people should be the priority when receiving antibody treatment and antivirals that can be taken orally to help treat and save them from COVID.

The agencies released a fact sheet out to all healthcare providers that was updated back in December which notified them that they were approving the emergency use of sotrovimab, which is a monoclonal antibody that has been proven to help people when fighting against the omicron variant of COVID-19. However, the guidance says that this treatment should only be used on patients that are considered high risk of dying from COVID.

People who are older in age, obese, pregnant, have chronic kidney issues, diabetes or cardiovascular issues are some of the factors and conditions that make someone considered high risk. This means people with medical factors or conditions or of race and ethnicities other than white, as this puts them at higher risk for developing a severe case of COVID. However, the life-saving treatment is not just limited to those factors, the agency says.

The state Health Department in New York released a statement last week that they are planning to distribute these COVID treatments like the antiviral pills and antibody treatments, but the plan from the department says that a person must be high risk and have a medical issue or other factor that makes them more likely to get severely ill. Otherwise they will not be eligible for treatment with these tools.

One risk factor though, is simply being a non-white person due to the social and systemic inequities they face.

Hispanic/Latino or Non-white race is supposedly a risk factor according to the memo from the FDA. So, basically, if you’re white you have no chance of getting help unless you qualify through some other route.

Author: Westly Wishing