Liberals Make Praying In School Mandatory — But It Isn’t To God

A law firm based out of Chicago is taking on the Board of Education in California after they proposed an ‘ethnic studies’ curriculum. The curriculum, if passed, would force children to say prayers to the gods of the Aztecs.

The lawsuit was filed on September 3rd by the Thomas More Society and was done of behalf of Californians for Equal rights. An organization that previously slammed against the affirmative action bill in California. They’re on a mission to protect integrity in schools and the taxpaying general public.

They published a letter on the 26th of August and demanded that California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction immediately remove the prayer to the Aztec Gods from the curriculum. After receiving no responses, the organization moved forward with their lawsuit.

The lawsuit itself says that it its illegal to teach the curriculum in institutions funded by taxpayers, as the government aiding in any religious movement is prohibited by the state of California.

One special counsel for the Society, Paul Jonna says that children shouldn’t ever be pressured or forced in partaking in any Aztec prayer, especially if the child’s parents have objections, whether religious or civic.

The Thomas More Society says that many of their clients have both civic and religious objections to the prayer, and that they don’t want their children to have any part of it or feel any pressure to take part. All branches of government are expected to support this choice, especially since California schools aren’t supposed to promote any religion.

The curriculum was introduced back in March by one man who believes that the best way to counter colonialism is to move forward with a ‘counter-genocide’ of ‘white Christians.’ The ‘ethnic studies’ curriculum is designed to challenge bigoted, racist, colonial or discriminatory beliefs on multiple levels.

The chant goes something like this:

In order to be warriors of love, of love, for our gente, representin’ justice, justice, local to global, global to local, global to local, ecological and social, social, justice, justice.

Not just thinkin’ and takin’ but makin’ things happen, with agency resiliency, and a revolutionary spirit.

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Author: Lucille Minks