Liberals Lose Their Minds After TIME Announces Person Of The Year

TIME Magazine declared their Person of the Year on Monday, and liberals are melting down over the announcement. Rather than choose a champion from the woke Olympics for the title, TIME selected an innovative entrepreneur who is a central figure in America’s latest space race: Elon Musk.

As the TIME announcement notes, Musk is a rare billionaire, making his money very “differently” than most others. Times notes that Musk isn’t known for pursuing just one amazing idea, but several; not known for pursuing “clever, safe investments” but risky ones. The net effect of Musk’s work so far is to earn him the spot as America’s richest private citizen as well as launching a new generation of private spaceflight and sending automakers scrambling to catch up to his revolutionary new electric vehicle company.

Democrats despise the technology mogul, however, with socialists like Senator Elizabeth Warren calling Musk a freeloader despite the fact that he’s created literally thousands of U.S. jobs and is driving several new industrial frontiers.

Other ‘Squad’ members such as representative Pramila Jayapal also attacked Musk, not on any real grounds, but probably because Musk doesn’t subscribe to the anti-American rhetoric of the Left.

Despite nasty comments from MSNBC’s Katelyn Burns, there’s nothing embarrassing about recognizing Musk’s reshaping of the electric vehicle industry which was a failed sector before he reimagined it.

Responding to TIME in his interview, Musk contested that he was the “wealthiest private citizen on the planet,” saying that he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin to be “significant richer than me… I can’t invade countries and stuff.”

Musk’s disfavor from the Left is probably best explained by the billionaire’s refusal to bend the knee to woke identity politics as well as his skepticism surrounding the official COVID-19 narrative handed down from untrustworthy organizations such as the WHO and the U.S government.

Author: Sandra Woods