Liberals Furious After Biden Betrays His Most Loyal Ally

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are in an outrage after Democrat President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden got rid of their dog, Major, who has reportedly bitten several White House staff, and obtained a new puppy as a replacement.

The President announced that they had received a new German Shepard puppy that they named “Commander.” PETA quickly condemned the president’s decision, calling him a “killer” who failed to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter.

The White House claims that the Bidens’ previous dog Major, a rescue, was rehomed after yet another biting scandal took place. According to the Daily Mail, Major was the first rescue dog to live at the executive mansion, and was rehomed after biting a National Park Service employee and Secret Service agent while he was living there.

The report continued to state that after consulting with veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and dog trainers, that the First Family decided that it was time for Major to be rehomed to a quieter family environment. The information came via First Lady spokesman Michael LaRosa, who confirmed reports of Major’s rehoming to the New York Times.

LaRosa claims that the decision was not forced after “any new or specific incident” but the work of a months-long deliberation informed by discussions with experts.

The new puppy arrives some six months following the passing of the Bidens’ 13 year old German Shepard Champ who passed away.

Major was involved in two biting incidents, one of which required serious medical attention. The incident reportedly occurred on the White House South Lawn to the National Park Service employee, according to two sources who were knowledgeable about the incident. The employee was engaged in work at the time of the incident and had to stop his duties for treatment by the White House medical unit.

LaRosa said at the time that “Major nipped someone on a walk” and claimed that the medical treatment was “of an abundance of caution.”

Major was adopted from a shelter in 2018 by the Bidens and is currently 3 years old. In March of this year, Major was involved in yet another biting incident.

Following the bitings, both Major and Champ got sent back to the Bidens’ Delaware home.

Author: Shaun Brewer