Liberal Schools Start Giving Kids The Jab Without Parental Consent

A mother in Louisiana has threatened to sue Jefferson Parish high school for vaccinating her 16 year old son at school without her consent.

Jennifer Ravain alleges that her son was allowed to sign a consent form to receive a COVID-19 vaccine during a mobile vaccination clinic at the school run by Ochsner Health Systems. The Louisiana Department of Health requires that a parent sign such consent forms for people under 18 years old to receive vaccines.

G. Shelly Maturin, the attorney of Ravain told news outlets that her client is not against vaccines altogether, but that she wanted to discuss the matter with her son first and do more homework and research about the possible side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and whether or not those side effects might make the risk worthwhile as opposed to contracting the virus and getting natural immunity.

On October 20th, a mobile vaccine unit arrived on the East Jefferson High School campus in Kenner, Louisiana where a nurse working with Ochsner, who presumably knew that the boy was below the age of consent, still gave him a form that is normally signed by a parent or guardian, instructing the boy to sign, print, and date the document, according to Maturin.

Ravain’s son, according to Maturin, believed that he was signing up to receive a vaccine at a later date, but when he was told that the shots were being handed out right then, he gave into pressure and accepted the shot.

Maturin said that Ravain’s son received the Pfizer vaccine and experienced normal short-term symptoms of a sore arm and mild fatigue, but the concern of Ravain is about the possible long-term effects of the vaccine.

Dr. Robert Hart, the chief medical officer for Ochsner Health Systems said in a statement that while the company believes in giving vaccines to adolescents for their own safety, he emphasized that they absolutely agree that it should only be performed with parental consent. Hart said that the company has procedures in place to prevent such incidents from happening and promised that revisions would be made to their school vaccination program to ensure that no similar incidents happen in the future.

Hart said that the company regrets that this happened and apologized to the Ravain family.

Maturin said that a lawsuit will be filed in short time.

Author: Sharon Lewis