Liberal Schools Cancel Advanced Classes: You’ll Never Guess Why

The Boston Public School system issued a one-year halt on their advanced class program in light of discovering that the majority of those enrolling were white or Asian. 

The decision blocks 4th, 5th and 6th graders from taking part in advanced classes. Analysis of the program found that although “nearly 80 percent of all… students are Hispanic and Black” that the program’s prospective students were “more than 70 percent… white and Asian.”

The school superintendent Brenda Casselius explains that the pandemic has “brought to the light” many inequalities which need addressing. Her statements said that there was “a lot of work” that needed to be done in order to become “antiracist” and give all students a “fair shot” in education.

Casselius is another pawn of the ‘woke’ agenda. This racist policy disqualifies students based on their skin color and teaches them that merit is less important than identity.

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