Liberal School Caught Brainwashing Middle-Schoolers With Outrageous Content

The brainwashing never ends when you have a liberal school board in charge of “educating” our children. And here’s probably one of the worst examples we’ve seen. A school board in Pennsylvania just and to vote to end literal liberal brainwashing in their classrooms. The school had mandated streaming of a CNN-associated program in the middle school and is just now figuring out that some parents might have an issue with this since the program is biased.

Norwin School Board held the vote on Monday, which won 5-4, that ended the requirement that homeroom teachers turn on CNN 10 for students, which is self-described as a “compact on-demand news broadcasts ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.”

One representative from the school district said that the vote, which happened on Valentine’s Day, removed TV watching at the middle school during homeroom. The School Board also added, “It was further clarified that the board will allow teachers to use discretion and broadcast videos from all sources, including videos pertaining to patriotic holidays.”

The patriotic videos they are talking about are addressing events like the Pearl Harbor attack or Veteran’s Day.

One mom of a Norwin School District child said that the school broadcasting programs that are associated with CNN is telling her son that CNN is the label he can trust. But she feels that the program is not an unbiased program, and even directs children toward the CNN website.

CNN 10 was added to required viewing back in 2019 in the school district after school was previously viewing programs that were similar from Channel One.

There is pushback, however, even from the teachers. Kristen Ummer, who teaches eighth-grade social studies, says that the program helps further the mission of the school to increase civic engagement.

Author: Hannah Billet