Liberal School Board Makes Pornography Part Of The Curriculum

A mayor in Ohio confronted an entire school board on Monday after receiving notice of writing prompts that were given to students that were sexual in nature and completely inappropriate. The members of the board who assigned this have been called to resign or they will face potential charges that involve child pornography.

Craig Shubert, the mayor, received a standing ovation from other parents when he told members of the board that he spoke with a judge who said the assignment was simply child pornography.

He told the board that it had been brought to his attention that the educators at the school were distributing child pornography, and then he gave them an ultimatum. Either they resign from their education board or they will be charged with the aforementioned crimes.

The writing prompts were often sexual. It’s unclear whether the assignment actually rises to the crime level, but the mayor expressed that a judge believed it definitely did.

After the mayor gave the message, school-board parents erupted in applause.

One mother of a high-school senior that received the nasty assignment shared what some of the prompts involved at the school board meeting. Here are a few:

  • What’s your favorite part of a male’s body? Describe it using verbs only.
  • Describe a sex scene that you would not show your mother.
  • Rewrite the sexual scene that you wouldn’t show your mother into a scene that you’d allow your mother to read.
  • Your spouse catches you in bed with someone else. How are you going to talk your way out of being in trouble?
  • Tell me about a time when you really wanted to orgasm but weren’t able to.
  • Describe 10 euphemisms for sex.
  • Write about the tasted of beer.
  • Write a Disney scenario that would be rated X
  • Write about your first time having sex
  • Describe an entire room of people who want to have sex

Many parents couldn’t wrap their brains around the filth coming from this teacher. The class was for college credit but all of the students were minors. The school board members have made it clear that they have no intentions of resigning. Police officers are still determining how to move forward.

Author: Janice Beesly