Liberal Media Hacks Had a Mental Breakdown As Election Results Poured In

MSNBC hosted a panel of angry leftists on Tuesday, all of whom denied that critical race theory is real and derided Republicans as “dangerous” people who need to be stopped at all costs.

Progressives Rachel Maddow, Nicole Wallace and Joy Reid all tried to sell the public that Critical Race Theory, the propagandistic message that’s become a key component of leftist public education, is a made-up issue even though it was one of the primary issues that governor-elect Youngkin won on.

“It’s not a real thing” Maddow complained. “[Conservatives] are building a campaign platform… to run on it everywhere,” she argued.

Joy Reid, noted how throughout the night, Virginia pollsters were texting her the live updates as they watched the Democrat victory evaporate in front of their eyes. Reid said that they expected “black voters [to] save the party” but given the loss she turned her rage and frustration to “white voters.”

Reid then said that the so-called-imaginary critical race theory is anything at all which makes “white parent[s] uncomfortable.”

Nicole Wallace parroted Maddow’s comments that critical race theory doesn’t exist before jumping into a tirade about how Youngkin was highly reflective of the “disgusting, flagrant out racism” of former president Donald Trump.

Wallace shrieked about Youngkin’s promise to ban critical race theory “on day one,” saying that it’s like banning ghosts when there are no ghosts.

What’s strange is how very attached the three progressives are to preserving their supposedly nonexistent critical race theory. If Youngkin was truly banning something that didn’t exist then they would have no cause for frustration.

Maddow then launched into a fit about parents who are concerned their childrens’ educational experience in school. Maddow mocked parents who worry about “vaccines… masks… this made-up… racial indoctrination.”

Climaxing the fit of fury, Joy Reid went full blown histrionic by claiming that Republicans are straight up “dangerous” and a threat to “national security.” She also said that Republicans are “stoking… white nationalism” and will soon turn into a party of Nazi’s.

Poisonous words from these show hosts could result in true hate crimes. The track record of violence in the past two years clearly demonstrates that radical leftists are willing to pillage, rape, and kill any who stand in their path. The Republican party isn’t stoking any white nationalism but the liberal media is clearly stoking anti-democracy.

Author: Richard Baker