Liberal Media Covers Up Act Of Terrorism – You’ll Never Guess Why

Another day, another example of the poorly managed federal law enforcement and corrupt liberal media. One insanely bizarre tweet came from the account of AP that was addressing an ongoing situation of hostages in Dallas-For Worth on Saturday in the Beth Israel synagogue.

Law enforcement made an announcement about the death of the hostage-taker and the FBI completed downplayed the part of the crime that was front and center stage – religion.

AP tweeted that the FBI said the hostage taker of the Texas synagogue made demands but that the issue was not in any way connected to the Jewish community.

Special Agent for the FBI, Matt DeSarno, who was the agent in charge of the crisis, is the man the AP quoted in their tweet.

DeSarno apparently told AP that the man who took the synagogue hostage was focused on a particular issue that had nothing to do with the Jewish community, and that this man didn’t have any bigger plan. Though DeSarno did admit that the investigation into the incident will have a reach on a global scale.

Backlash rained down from the heavens after AP posted the tweet that quoted DeSarno. Critics were understandably curious as to how officials could come to a conclusion so quickly when the incident was still very early on. Critics says that AP was amplifying DeSarno’s quote, as well.

Fact-checkers were quick to the scene, as well, and what they found just further pointed to the evidence that the hostage-taker was religiously motivated. He intentionally chose the Sabbath to attack the synagogue because he knew the Jews would be gathered there, and part of his negotiations with officers were that he wanted a known terrorist released from prison. This terrorist is a well-known anti-Semite.

Various tweets and quotes pointed out that a terrorist travelling to a synagogue on the sabbath day and taking the rabbi as well as three other jews hostage, all in the name of releasing an anti-semitic terrorist…. Well… that definitely seems to have something to do with the Jewish community.

This is just another example of how the media likes to spin stories to form a narrative for everyone and manipulate the common man into following their agenda.

Ron Butler