Liberal Logic: Rocks Can Now Be ‘Racist’ And Need To Be Destroyed

Another day, another example of liberal lunacy and their attempts to take America and morph it into some sort of communist stronghold. Because now, safe spaces, LGBTQ+ pandering and the taking down of confederate statues across the nation isn’t enough, we have to remove ANYTHING that they pretend is racist. And that includes a large rock, a boulder, that was just removed from the Wisconsin-Madison University because it’s apparently considered ‘racist.’

The Union of black students as well as other justice activists of race made the claim that it’s a ‘racist monument.’ Why? Because a journalist once described the rock back in the 1920s using a racist term.

Since that time in the 1920s, it seems the rock has been oppressing students, though it is incapable of thinking or acting, as it is just a rock.

Fox News was able to outline the apparent racism of the boulder. The student activists claim that the boulder, formally known as Chamberlin Rock, which sit on top of Observatory Hill, was actually named after a geologist from the 19th century who used to be the university President, a man named Thomas Chamberlin.

Chamberlin was known for his work on glacial deposits, at least that’s what the university website says. The rock is over 2 billion years old, according to scientists and they believe that it likely was carried over to Wisconsin from Canada by glaciers, which explains Chamberlin’s interest in it.

However, it became a racist rock back in October of the year 1925, where a reporter made reference to the offending rock using a racist slang term in his report to describe the large darker rocks. The description he used included the use of the N-word.

Researchers at the university say that there were active Ku Klux Klan members on site at the campus during the dedication of the rock.

A campus senior representative on the council in Madison City, Juliana Bennett, says that removing the rock is another step in their mission to have a campus that is more ‘inclusive.’

Bennett said this moment is for students form the past and in the present who have advocated for this racist rock to be removed. She says that now everyone is able to breathe and be relieved and that they are proud of the endurance of students, and that this is the first step to healing.

Author: Kirk Brandon