Liberal Indoctrination Sizzles Out As Red Wave Barrels Toward Washington

Northwest of Dallas lies the community of Southlake Texas, where Republicans finally decided they’d had enough of liberal indoctrination in schools, and actually did something about it. Local Republicans went straight to the political seats, sweeping the community with the red wave and taking over the schoolboard, all for the sake of saving their children.

Progressives, however, had many arguments for “changes” in the school system to make children feel “safe” and welcome. Their changes, of course, involved shoving leftist ideology down the throats of all children and discriminates against white kids, particularly those with conservative or Christian values.

But Republicans dominated the school board, taking 70% of the power in landslide wins. They also now control two seats on the city council and the mayoral seat. Election results showed incredible voter turnout, more than 3 times more voters than past elections.

This red wave sweep came just months after the liberal schoolboard introduced curriculum to force educators into diversity training, anti-racism courses and to push critical race theory on unsuspecting children.

This is an instance where democracy works exactly as it should. Parents saw something happening that they didn’t like and they took control. Now we just need this type of response on a federal level.

President Biden, as well as other Democrats, are doing their best to make critical race theory a part of every school’s curriculum. If you’re unfamiliar with critical race theory, it teaches that inequality in our society is due to years of systemic racism. That every institution in the United States, and most policies, are a direct result of slavery and that this is causing even more racism against Blacks and other minorities within the United States.

And what happens if schools don’t adopt this radical curriculum? They lose their funding. That’s right, Democrats are giving priority funding to public schools and universities that engage in critical race theory curriculum under the guise of the “1619 Project.”

But let’s face it, the “1619 project” and other “anti-racism” policies are really just a way for Democrats to target conservative Americans and gain more power.

Author: Ted Ricketts

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