Liberal Greed: Democrat Claims Musk’s $11 Billion Taxes Are Not Enough

After Elon Musk, the CEO of successful tech and space companies Tesla and SpaceX, paid a possibly record-setting $11 billion in taxes, Democrat Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA) argued that there was still a lot more due before Musk should be considered as having paid his “fair share.”

Jayapal’s greedy comment follows similar remarks from Democratic-Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA), another hyper-progressive lawmaker who engaged in a spat with Musk earlier this month after claiming that the successful capitalist was “freeloading off everyone else” and leveraging “the rigged tax code” to get out of paying taxes. Musk quickly responded to Warren by pointing out that he just set the record for any individual’s tax payment this year.

Jayapal, despite this fact, whined that Musk still didn’t pay enough, noting that his combined publicly traded companies had grown by $270 billion since 2019.

Jayapal also took a moment to attack her Democrat colleague Senator Joe Manchin (WV) for not supporting President Biden’s $1.75 trillion Build Back Better spending plan.

Jayapal falsely claimed that Manchin had broken a promise to uphold the bill after Democrats slaved to cram as much progressive spending as possible into it. She praised Biden’s bill as a necessity to help Americans handle “individual and collective challenges.” She added that the Democrat party must push forward without Manchin and said that Biden’s agenda is now more urgent than ever, and called on Democrats to not “abandon our vision.”

Bloomberg News explained Musk’s tax bill in some detail earlier this month, reporting that the billionaire’s stock options are the primary driver of his current tax bill. The news outlet couldn’t confirm whether it was the largest single tax payment on record due to the classified nature of individual tax filings, but they said it certainly ranks amongst the largest.

Author: Evelyn Robinson